Building just got easier with Lok-N-Blok

real block lok-n-block

Lok-N-Blok building units were designed for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. They are made of Envion, an exceptionally durable proprietary composite material. They will not mildew, rot, or decompose, and they do not attract bugs.

Lok-N-Blok walls are effective in any climate, with an expected value exceeding R20 for its insulation rating. Says Lok-N-Blok developer Greg Siener, “We have spent 15 years researching, developing, testing, and patenting. It’s now time to launch our new building system.” Lok-N-Blok walls lock tight with no tools, no glue, no nails, no cement – they just snap together. This reduces labor and material costs and gets buildings up in record time, all while being respectful of the environment.”

Anchored to the foundation with a tested and proven post tensioning system, Lok-N-Blok walls are actually stronger than other conventional forms of construction. “Lok-N-Blok walls are designed to incorporate any windows, doors, and roofs. The design also easily handles electrical, plumbing, and utilities. Plus, traditional siding, drywall, and other interior and exterior wall products are easy to install over Lok-N-Blok walls,” says Greg. “We have taken the hundreds of comments and suggestions from builders we have talked with and incorporated them into our product. I believe we’re ready to introduce this disruptive technology to the building industry.”

To introduce this revolutionary product, Lok-N-Blok is currently looking for builders interested in using our new technology. If your project is chosen, not only will you receive deeply discounted product with engineering and design assistance, your “partner project” will be videotaped so everyone can watch the building process from beginning to end. The Lok-N-Blok website will be continually updated to share the current projects we are working on. “We are excited about our product and want you to see how Lok-N-Blok ‘stacks up’ compared to conventional materials,” continues Greg. “We also invite you to visit us on Facebook with your comments and questions.”

Lok-N-Blok – as featured on "I Want That on the DIY Network"