Lok-N-Blok® is green!

We’re serious about the environmental effect of Lok-N-Blok® and we are proud to be able to make these statements.


The Lok-N-Blok® Green Initiative

Lok-N-Blok® is 100% green and recyclable. We are continuing our work to incorporate higher amounts of post consumer recycled material into our base product, while keeping the focus on building a high strength product for construction needs. However, one important point to be made is that Lok-N-Blok® can be reused and repurposed. Buildings built with Lok-N-Blok® have the ability to be deconstructed and repurposed into new buildings. It's not just about being green and recyclable, but adding the aspect of repurposing makes it ideal for builders interested in a green environment.

As for the company's push towards reducing post consumer waste, if a builder has any waste material from constructing with Lok-N-Blok® the company will gladly issue credit towards future purchases through their distributor if the waste is returned to their supplier. This is just one more effort the company is making to show its concern for the environment.